La Luette to Euseigne (Walk 15)

The light was rather dull yesterday, but I just had to get out and go for a walk.  I’d noticed that the snow had almost melted away half way down the valley, so I decided to repeat a walk that I posted last June, which takes in the Passerelle de la Combe.  I was worried there wouldn’t be much to photograph, but it only goes to show, there’s always something interesting to be found out there…

Evolène and Arolla valleys – drone videos

I recently discovered a series of videos of our region, produced by Sébastien Ruttimann of  I thought they were too good not to share… 🙂

Evolène and Arolla valley in winter

Val d’Hérens

For info. also, Sébastien has produced this fabulous video of the Lavaux region of Switzerland, which runs along the northern shores of Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva).  It brings back happy memories for my wife and I as we used to live close by.

Lavaux region of Switzerland


Cross country skiing – Arolla valley

Although a little stiff after our efforts yesterday, we decided to drive up the valley to Arolla.  There the cross country pistes meander back and forth and you could go dizzy if you did all the additional loops.  We took a more direct route along the riverside and stopped for lunch at the Hotel de la Tsa.  The waitress thought we were mad to want to sit outside on the terrace (well it was about -3 degrees C) but the sunshine was glorious and it didn’t feel cold at all.



Not so famous Swiss ski resorts no. 3 – Anzère

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a fair weather skier.  So the recent grey skis, and a trip back to the UK to see my family, have kept me away from the pistes.  I’ve therefore decided to dig out some archive photos of yet another Swiss ski resort – Anzère.  It lies on the north side of the Rhone valley, just above Sion, and hence gets a lot of sun when the skies are clear.

A gondola takes you up from the village to the main station and from there it’s mainly a series of red runs, including a superb long piste down through the trees to Les Rousses.  The black run back down to the village also provides a fabulous (and not too difficult) finish to the day.

R.I.P. Panasonic DMC-TZ35

As mentioned in a previous post, the display on the back of my point and shoot camera has given up the will to live.  Although it still takes pictures, it’s impossible to change some of the settings, so it is with deep regret that I have to put it to sleep !

TZ-35 screen

Obviously, I couldn’t let this rather sad moment go by without celebrating its life by showing you some examples of its versatility – when it was alive and well of course…

Fear not though dear reader, happily it has now been replaced by a TZ58.  Indeed, it was that very same camera which took the above picture of its faltering cousin.  So the blog will continue… 🙂