Riverside Walk (Walk 2) in Winter

There’s something about walking next to a cross country skiing piste – it just makes you want to have a go…  Certainly it always looks much easier, as the skiers glide by while you struggle knee deep in the snow!

If you’ve never tried it you should give it a go.  There are two types – the classic or traditional style, where your skis run along in pre-prepared grooves, and the skating style, which I’ve never tried, but I think it requires a little more practice, and effort, to get the technique right.

2 thoughts on “Riverside Walk (Walk 2) in Winter

    • I think the Evolène downhill ski area opens on Saturday. So, weather permitting (as it’s snowing again now), we may well be zooming down those slopes! No doubt I’ll take a picture or three… 🙂


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