A time to reflect…

Christmas is often a time to reflect.  We look back and remember…

The places we have visited:

The raw beauty of nature:

The diversity of plants and animals:

Our achievements (however small):

Our family and friends:

And for all of these things we are eternally grateful.

I’m also very grateful for all of those people who have been following and supporting my blog for the past 8 months.  I thank you all and wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! 🙂



Mayens de Cotter (Walk 14) in Winter

Although it snowed a few weeks ago, it’s been quite sunny and warm since, so the snowline has risen to around 2,000 metres. This gave me the opportunity to repeat one of my ‘medium level’ walks along the alpage above the villages of La Sage and Villa, before descending to La Forclaz and ultimately Les Haudères, for a well deserved beer.  🙂

More Lake District images…

When you visit the English Lake District you have to take the weather as it comes.  But as long as it’s not pouring down where you are, you can almost always see some wonderful scenery.

English Lake District

Last week Jude & I went back to the UK to take my 92 year old father on holiday.  My sister Karen came along too and we stayed in a beautiful cottage in a small village called Boot, in the English Lake District.  Although the weather was horrendous on the drive over, leading to flooding in many parts, we had a relatively dry few days.

My favourite area of the Lakes, and often described as “Britain’s favourite view”, Wasdale is a fabulous place to visit, as is the Wasdale Head Inn, which sits at the end of the valley.

Arolla to Evolène (Walk 11) in Winter

There’s something magical about being the first person to walk through fresh snow.  Even though it can be a foot deep, your feet just glide through it like it isn’t even there.  It’s also a little scary, as you can’t quite see where the path goes and you’re never quite sure of your footing.  Luckily a few animals had shown me most of the way and I had a fabulous walk.