Reideralp and Aletsch Glacier

Switzerland is well known as a playground for many outdoor activities.  It wasn’t until I reviewed my photos from our trip to the Reideralp yesterday that I realised how many I’d captured.  With views like this, it has to be on the ‘must see’ or ‘to do’ list for any outdoor enthusiast.


Jude’s mum, Angela, has been staying with us for the past few days, so we’ve been out sightseeing.  On Saturday we drove up to Derborence, through the very narrow and winding tunnels.  If the postbus comes the other way then you’re basically stuck and you have to reverse out, as nothing stops the postbus.  Luckily we emerged from the last tunnel just as the bus was about to enter.  Phew !

Walking Tour, Day 2 of 2

I should have mentioned that my mate Pete has a terrible fear of heights.  Well, it’s probably more a fear of dying if he falls from a great height !  He, like I, had never walked across a glacier before without the aid of crampons.  So it was with some trepidation that we set off from the Dix hut across the Glacier de Cheilon to scale the ladders over the Pas de Chevres and then walk down to La Gouille via the Aiguilles Rouge Hut…

We needn’t have worried as the route across the glacier was well marked every few metres and there were no crevasses or streaming torrents to cross.  The new ladders also proved to be a ‘piece of cake’ (as I kept telling Pete they would be).

I should also say that Pete did all of this, and the previous walks, with a dodgy knee and a bad foot, both of which will be operated on in the next few months.  So, well done Pete, you’re a hero !  I wish you a speedy recovery from your ops, so that we can do it all over again next year ! 🙂

Walking Tour, Day 1 of 2

On Thursday, my mate Pete and I set off on a 2 day walking tour of the Val d’Hérens.   Day 1 went from the Dixence dam to the Cabane des Dix, where we stayed overnight.   As you can see from the photos, it was a beautiful day and the position of the Cabane is simply stunning.

Bricola hut (Walk 20)

Today Pete and I set off to do a walk that I haven’t done for several years.  It was particularly interesting as I’d read that a huge hole had appeared in the Ferpècle glacier.  We’re not quite sure how or why this happened, but it was an impressive sight, as of course were the views all around.

Plans de Bertol (part 2)

My good friend, Pete has come over from the UK this week to do some walking.  We had planned to do part of the Swiss National Trail Route 6, which runs close by Evolène, but the forecast for Wednesday is not great.  There could be snow on the route and navigation might be difficult.  So we’ve decided to do some day walks until Thursday and Friday, when the weather should be good and we’ll do a 2 day walk via the Cabane des Dix.

Today (Monday) we did my walk no. 31, which is from Arolla up to the Plans de Bertol…

Trip to Ireland (3 of 3) – Beara Way, Glengariff to Adrigole

The day after the wedding (see previous post), I went for a walk along the Beara Way.  My intention was to go out from, and then back to, Glengariff, but, in the event, I went all the way to the next village of Adrigole.  The first few miles were quite flat, but it soon became more wild and interesting, as the pictures below show.

Trip to Ireland (2 of 3) – Alice and Greville’s Wedding Ceremony

Alice and Jude worked together in the Dolomites, Italy, during the summers of 2003 to 2005.  Jude and I first met each other there in 2004, so we were extremely pleased to be invited to attend Alice’s wedding.

Alice was born in New Zealand but met Greville, a fine Irish lad, in Australia.  They both now live in Kinsale, in the south west of Ireland, but they were married in the grounds of an estate on the shores of Glengariff Bay. As you can see from the photographs, it was a beautiful location and an extremely happy occasion.  We all wish them both a long and happy life together.

Trip to Ireland (1 of 3) – Connemara

Jude and I were invited to a wedding in Ireland (see next blog for more details).  So we decided to extend our stay and spend a few days on the west coast, in Connemara.  Although the weather wasn’t great, (even the locals were surprised at the amount of rain that fell on Sunday evening), we still managed to find some amazing beaches.  We also spotted a pod of around 10 or 12 dolphins in Dog’s Bay.  (Sorry, I have no pictures of them as they were too far away).