Walk 6: La Forclaz

Although it’s taken me nearly 2 days to sort out my pictures and publish this post, (I promise to get more efficient), this is a summary of my walk from La Tour to La Forclaz (VS) and down to Les Haudères on Easter Monday. It’s one of the 30 or so walks readily accessible from www.chaletlescriquets.com. Enjoy !

Another step forward…


I’m still working on improving the look and feel of this site.  Hopefully, I’ve now added my profile, including a picture of me and a gallery, as well as some links to some favourite websites.  This of course will be my second post, but this time with an image of one of the many views from our chalet this morning.

We also think we spotted 2 eagles circling overhead, which is unusual given the weather conditions today.

The forecast is for some sunshine tomorrow so expect one or two more pictures…