Last commute by car

Only 2 more working days to go now, so I started thinking about all of the things that I would NOT miss about going to work.  Certainly one is the alarm clock going off and the ‘getting ready for work’ routine.  However, I have mixed feelings about the drive to work, as it surely must be one of the best 1h 10 min drives anyone could possibly do (except for when it’s snowing of course).  So, for the record, I took some photos yesterday.  Note the distinct lack of traffic.


All week we have been eying up the Monte S. Primo ridge, just above Bellagio, but the 1.5 hour drive there and back put us off. So Jude decided to take the boat to Como (that’s her setting off in one of the pics) while I took the steep path up to Colmegnone (@1383m) and on to the Rifugio Binate before turning back to descend via another path to Urio.  Jude had just disembarked only 10 minutes earlier, so I caught her up on the way back to the apartment Laglio.


Argegno and Lenno

Thankfully, the forecast rain never came, so we managed to visit two lakeside villages today.  Argegno was full of coloured houses and half-hidden passageways. We stopped at a café in the main square (well, more of a semi-circle) which gave away not one, but two free cheese and ham platters with our drinks. So that took care of lunch ! 🙂  Lenno was in a quiet bay near the Villa Balbianello, which is famous for being in Casino Royale and Star Wars Episode II. However we were more impressed by the family of Goosander that happened to swim by. (See pic).

Boat trip to Bellagio

The trouble with taking 2 cameras with you, not to mention taking too many (like over 350) pictures, is that they take some sorting out when you get back. But I’m determined to get this gallery posted before midnight, so that it appears on the day we went to Bellagio. Looks like I just made it and I hope you enjoy the pics.  (I will add some captions later, when the weather is not so good).

Monte Boletto from Torno…

After a short ride across the lake, Jude left me in Torno, to climb up to Monte Boletto (@1237m).  Jude continued on to Como where she took the funicular up to Brunate and then walked up the steep cobbled path to the lighthouse at the top of the hill, which is where we agreed to meet up later. The lighthouse was built in 1927 to mark the centenary of the death of Alessandro Volta (who was famous for inventing the voltaic battery in 1800).  Sadly the lighthouse was not very photogenic, so below are some other images…

Back to the mountains…

After a tortuous, but very scenic, drive, we arrived at the Refugio Venini, where it was just a short walk, uphill of course, to Monte di Tremezzo and then along to Monte Crocione.  You can see the ridge we walked along in one of the pictures and the magnificent view from Monte Crocione.

Boat trip to Como

Jude and I have had a wonderful day in Como. I bet you can’t guess what those artificial flowers are made from… (a vague clue is in our location).


Arrived at Lake Como

We decided to take the scenic route via the Furka pass to see more of Switzerland.  But as we exited the train tunnel, the temperature dropped to 2 degrees and all we saw was fog !  Visibility was down to about 15 metres, which made finding the road to the Gothard tunnel extremely difficult. However, a chance passing of a Tourist Information Centre in Andermatt put us back on our way.  We emerged from the tunnel 17 kilometres later to sunshine and 22 degrees.  Only in Switzerland !

Walk 13: Eison

While Many Clouds dominated proceedings at Aintree today, many clouds were in the skies over Evolène, making life difficult for budding photographers.  The following images reflect the not so blue skies as I walked from Evolène to Eison, via Volovron, and back via the lower path.  Most disappointingly the Café Restaurant wasn’t open in Eison for my usual refreshment, but that did mean I got back in time for afternoon tea with a slice of Jude’s Victoria sponge cake.  Yummy !